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   Sallingboe Audio 已成為LALS的歐洲總代理
我們很高興地宣布,自 2022 年 8 月 1 日起,Sallingboe Audio 已成為我們的歐洲總代理。
Sallingboe Audio 一直在經銷備受推崇的高端音頻品牌。我們很高興 LALS 現在已成為 Sallingboe Audio 產品線的新成員,並與一流的設備一起展示。
總部位於丹麥的 Sallingboe Audio 一直是高質量服務的代名詞。 Dan Sallingboe 先生對音樂和聲音充滿熱情,在聲學方面擁有廣泛的專業知識,並為客戶提供卓越的體驗。我們相信,此次合作將使歐洲客戶有更多機會更好地了解我們的揚聲器。
Sallingboe Audio 將把 LALS 號角喇叭帶到歐洲國家的音響展中。如果您位於歐洲並且對 LALS 感興趣,歡迎參觀音響展會,您也可以聯繫 Sallingboe Audio 並預約試聽。
有關 Sallingboe Audio的更多信息:
電話:+45 22168826
地址:Lavendelvej 40, 4470 Svebølle Denmark

We are pleased to announce that effective from August 1st, 2022, Sallingboe Audio has been appointed as our exclusive Europe distributor. 
Sallingboe Audio has been distributing respected Hi-End audio brands. We are glad that LALS has now become the new addition to Sallingboe Audio's product line and demonstrated alongside the first-class equipment.
Sallingboe Audio, headquartered in Denmark, has been and remains synonymous with high-quality services. Mr. Dan Sallingboe is passionate about music and sound, has extensive expertise in audio, and provides customers with exceptional experiences. We are confident that the partnership will give Europe customers more chances to know our speakers better. 
Sallingboe Audio will bring LALS speakers to audio shows across European countries. If you are located in Europe and interested in LALS, feel free to take a visit to the shows. You may also contact Sallingboe Audio and book the audition.
More information about Sallingboe Audio can be found on:
Tel: +45 22168826
Address: Lavendelvej 40, 4470 Svebølle Denmark
E-mail: info@sallingboeaudio.com
website: sallingboeaudio.com

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